Sunday, August 21, 2011

Livestrong - check in the box

Ran the 10K on Saturday... missed by PR by 10 seconds (unofficial time). My official results were not tracked... not sure what happened but it looks like my timing chip was not read. Ah, well. I suspect my actual time to be a PR as it took 41 seconds to cross the starting line. My coworkers, Jay and Ray, both ran the 5K, and my wife walked the 5K.

Rode the 45 mile route on Sunday (today)... and had a great time. Took 3 hours 22 minutes, plus another 36 minutes of stopped time at the power stops. I had to take advantage of them... there was so much food to check out, including PB sandwiches, jelly bellies, pretzels, bananas, and so much more. Met a great couple who rode at my pace and I stick with them for the last two-thirds of the ride. Of course, I forgot to get their last name or any way to stay in touch, but that's okay. It was great to ride with them and enjoy their company and conversation. This was almost a little boring since I did not have anyone to ride with, but then again, it was a good opportunity to meet someone new and I turned it into a good time. Did I mention that I think I saw Lance Armstrong pass us within the last 10 minutes of our ride? We missed him at the finish by 5 minutes. He did not stay around, and was whisked away quickly.

Next up. I am going to take the assistance of a coach (the same one I used earlier this year) to get me through the next few weeks as I build up to Ragnar. I worked out the first week of training with him this afternoon. No rest day and I jump right in to the training tomorrow. One 25 mile mountain bike ride and 5K mixed in there in September, of which I'll say more about later.

Update 9/25/2011: I contacted the timers for the LIVESTRONG runs and they found my chip time, along with a bunch of others that were missing. My official time was only a few seconds faster, so still no PR. Also, the 25 mile mountain bike ride was put on hold due to the Philadelphia Phillies rescheduling a game and that meant more to me as it was my only game I could get to this year. The hurricanes also apparently washed out the bridges on the trail I was planning to ride, so even if I tried to go out, I would not have been able to do the ride.

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