Sunday, January 1, 2012

2011 Year In Review

I had a great 2011. I ran over 500 miles, and recorded 1255 miles to dailymile. To me, that's awesome. It shows that I am dedicated to keeping fit and I have been able to do that because I am keeping my workouts fun. I ran my first 10K, first 10 mile (Broad Street), and first half-marathon (not official) this year. I also dealt with plantar fasciitis and knee troubles, but I continue on. My plantar fasciitis is under control, even though it is not gone. My knee pains are also under control and improving. As usual, I got way too much running gear for Christmas, although it was mostly clothing. When I tried to sort through it with a new closet organizer, I realized it was not all going to fit. I do not need anything else for a long, long time. My dailymile Secret Santa sent me a New Balance shoe pocket, which is awesome. It even fits on my Vibram FiveFingers. I am trying really hard to resist buying any new shoes, but I do have my eyes on the New Balance Zero's due out in the Spring. Last year, at this time, I was doing the PRS Fit Global 5K/10K training plan, but this year, I plan to keep things more casual and simply stay active on my own, especially as I continue to allow my knees to recover from whatever was affecting them. I look forward to keeping things fun in 2012. Happy New Year!

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