Sunday, September 30, 2012

Where am I?

It's been a while since my last post. Every blogger has droughts. I am now one of them. Oh, wait, I went for years without a post before I renamed the blog, didn't I?

A lot has been going on since my last post in May. I have run one race... that's it. Just one. I ran the Pickle in the Villa in June. I skipped the Winter Pickles this year because I was just too swamped with events last year. It's been easier without having to worry about an event every month. I only have one more event on my calendar and that is coming up later this month on September 30 and that is Zane's Run. I am hoping to be able to run the 5 mile route. I am a bit hesitant on my ability to run the distance because of a recent calf injury. I strained my calf on a trail run in July, and I had been struggling to restart my running because I could not rest it enough and every time I started back up, I kept straining it. I finally took a longer break (2 weeks was all it took) and during this break I picked up a pair of Altra Instinct zero drop shoes with more padding for my road runs, then slowly started building back up again in early September and was able to get a short training cycle in (3 weeks active, 1 week taper) before my upcoming race. I am feeling better than ever and am ready for my race. I still use my minimalist shoes on shorter runs (along with the occasional barefoot run), but I have learned that I am better off with a padded shoe for longer distances.

Update: September 30, 2012 - I have had this post in draft for a month now. Time to just post it. Today, I completed the 4th Annual Zane's Run. This was my third time running it, and my second time doing the 5 mile distance. I was able to beat my PR by almost 2 1/2 minutes by finishing in 42 minutes 20 seconds. Last year, I finished in 44 minutes 56 seconds, just barely under 45 minutes! I love Zane's Run not only because of the charity it benefits (Families of SMA), but because of it's location and the person who organizes the run, who was a high school alumni. I always ride my bike to this event. At just about 4 miles away, it's a great warm-up as long as the weather cooperates, and the ride home is a nice recovery (I usually take a longer route home which is approximately 5.5 miles.) I had a great time today and enjoyed both the ride and the run.

I am now thinking about whether I want to move on to the half-marathon or marathon distance. I have an awesome opportunity to run with the PRS Fit team at the Phoenix Half or Full Marathon in March 2013 and I am seriously considering it. I just need to find an extra ounce of motivation to just sign up. I will soon be heading to Colorado to meet my coach and do some on-site training with him in the Rocky Mountains. I am looking forward to that training and finally meeting him. Maybe I will make a decision while I am there...! My wife already has no objections because a trip to Phoenix in March would definitely be a nice escape for her, too.

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