Saturday, July 30, 2011

What did I just sign up for?

Apparently, I just signed up for a 200 mile relay race. That sounds scary, right? It should. But, the good news is that the race is done by a team of 12 people. That's better news? That still averages out to a little less than 17 miles per person. It does get better, really. The race is divided into 36 legs, so each runner does a leg, then rests while the other 11 team members do their thing, then they get to do it all over again until each runner has done 3 legs (a leg averages between 3 to 8 miles, and there are some legs that are short and hard, and long and easy.) It sounds like a real adventure, and I cannot believe I am going to be a part of something like this. This all happened rather quickly, too. I signed up for the local running club membership this year to stay informed about the local running community and support them in their efforts. I saw a post on their mailing list two days ago. The decision to run this event was not quick, nor was it easy, for reasons I am not going to get into here. Let's just put it this way--it's going to be a busy week for both my wife and myself. To run this race, I will need to train more... the race is completed in an approximately 24 to 36 hour span of time, depending on the average team pace. I do not know any of the other members of the team, so that is going to make things interesting as well. I will hopefully get more details soon, but if anyone is interested in checking out the details, here is a link to the race page:

Ragnar Relay Pennsylvania

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