Sunday, June 26, 2011

And then there was June

After the Broad Street Run, I really began to notice a significant pain in my heel. I thought little of it and continued my stretching, as I thought it was something again related to my tight calves. I only experienced pain when I first woke, and after sitting for long periods of time. Weird stuff. After a few weeks, it still had not gone away, so I went back to my doctor and was diagnosed with plantar fasciitis. Yuck! The treatment I was prescribed was more stretching and icing. I was not told to limit activity. I was however told I needed to wear orthotics to support my arch, and thus began a new challenge for me... none of my shoes would allow removal of the insole to use this arch support insert. My acupuncturist and chiropractor both agreed that I needed the extra support. I now had to go buy some new shoes for work. I also needed some new running shoes as the Vibram KSO's and Merrell Trail Gloves's do not work with inserts either. That means I am now going to have to limit my minimalist activity. I fully intend to comply with the doctor's recommendations, at least until the pain goes away. I am not going to quit completely though. I recently started up with some kettlebell classes after a recent Living Social deal. I still plan to use the Merrell's for my walks and runs to and from kettlebell classes, and probably during class until I recover a bit (footwear is optional.)

Since I had to get new running shoes, I decided to make another trip to my local running store and I picked up a pair of Mizuno Precision 11's. They are very lightweight and are considered neutral, so when I no longer need the arch support, I can take out the inserts and be back to something that is not such a beast compared to the minimalist shoes I had been using. A few days later, I made a trek back to the store and bought a pair of Brooks Cascadia 6's for the trails. While there, I picked up a pair of Superfeet green insoles. They really felt like they did more for me than what the doctor sold me. I have been taking it really easy with my running right now, so I have not had a chance to put my miles on either of these yet. I did however take advantage of an impromptu pickle run today and ran a 5k with the Mizuno's using the Superfeet insoles, and I really felt great during and after the run. I hope I continue to feel good but only time will tell. I really miss my minimalist running, but I know I will get back to it eventually.

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