Sunday, March 3, 2013

2013 Race Schedule

I did not race much in 2012 (2 x 5K's and 1 x 5 miler) and I do not plan to do many in 2013 either, so I want to make them count. I am starting to firm up my race schedule and just made my first two commitments today. I am officially signed up for the Tyler 10K Trail Run in Media, PA held in April and the Double Trouble 15K/30K at French Creek State Park in Elverson, PA held in July. For Double Trouble, my plan is to run the 30K. This will be my greatest distance to date (5 miles more than the half-marathon that I ran last year.) I am sure I can do it... and it is going to be fun challenging myself in my training to get there. If things go well with Double Trouble, I plan to commit to the Blues Cruise Ultra 50K at Blue Marsh Lake in October. I have ridden my bike around that lake, and have always thought about what it would be like to run it--I hope I can find out! If you have not already noticed, all of these are trail runs. I'm trying to avoid the road as much as possible this year. I just feel better on the trails. I hurt less and I have more fun.

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