Sunday, March 10, 2013

The perfect training week?

This past week felt like the perfect training week to me. First, I consider my training weeks on a Monday to Sunday basis. It seems like most training logs are setup this way (TrainingPeaks, Dailymile, etc.) I had just completed my race planning for the year, so to wrap up an unplanned week with great success just felt good.

Monday, Rest.

Tuesday. I went for a long run and managed to squeeze out 15K with little effort. To make this more interesting, I ran 1.25 miles of this skin on pavement (barefoot), even though it was approaching freezing temperatures.

Wednesday, I had a relaxing recovery ride on my indoor trainer (bicycle). Nothing fancy, but it just felt good.

Thursday. I did unplanned speed work by running a fast 5K in the neighborhoods near my home. Again, I made this interesting by running 0.75 miles of this skin on pavement (barefoot). I was not planning on this run, but it just happened and it also felt great.

Friday.All levels Power Yoga Works class (90 minutes). I was tired after this class, but I really felt great during the class.

Saturday. Slackline practice. I managed a short hike to a new location to practice with my slackline (30 minutes). The slackline is a great tool for working on core strength and balance, and it's just plain fun.

Sunday. I went out for a trail run with my sister at my favorite local park (Valley Forge) and ran just under 6 miles and felt superb. It did not hurt that the weather was in the mid to upper 40's (F) and it was very sunny.

Going forward, Monday's will be my new rest day as I just started getting allergy shots and since I cannot get to the office for the shots until after work, and they do not recommend exercise for a few hours after the shots, it just makes sense. I am going to am for doing longer runs on Tuesday evenings, then either a short recovery ride or run on Wednesday evenings. I am planning on doing speed work on Thursday evenings, either at the local track or by doing a fartlek 5K similar to what I did this past week. Friday's are my planned yoga day--for working on core, strength and flexibility. My weekends will be play time--and dedicated to casual runs or rides.

My first race of the year is in just 27 days (Tyler 10K Trail Run). If I can keep up this training routine for the next 3 weeks, and taper leading up to it, I should be able to pull off a PR for that run. I will then have 91 days (13 weeks) until my longer target race, the Double Trouble 30K at French Creek. For Double Trouble, my goal is just to survive and finish. I am planning for several 4 week cycles leading up to that with 3 weeks of training and 1 week of taper, plus a week or so of vacation mixed in there. If things go well at Double Trouble, I am going to consider running the Blues Cruise 50K Trail Ultra which goes around Blue Marsh Lake in Reading, PA. Again, my goal for that race will be just to survive and finish. I will have 13 weeks leading up to that race, too. But, I do not want to look that far ahead yet!

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