Tuesday, March 19, 2013

I spoke too soon

After my perfect training week, I managed to get sick. I guess I spoke too soon about my training going well. I almost did not want to post about the week, but I wanted to share my training because it worked out so well, so I wrote it anyway.

Monday. Rest. Allergy shot.

Tuesday. Trail run/endurance. I spent 2 hours on the trails of the Pennypack Wilderness and enjoyed exploring several new trails, and sloshing through 6 inches deep puddles and mud. I took a nice fall at one point, and brought home mud stained clothing as a souvenir. I wore my Altra Instinct's because I was hoping for smoother trail, and they did not work so well in the mud. Lesson learned.

Wednesday. Massage. I was long overdue for this. My last massage was in December. This has been one of my secret weapons of feeling good. I have been trying to get a good massage about once a month. The massage is whole body, but I always ask for a little extra attention on my legs and I can really feel a difference afterwards.

Thursday. Trail run/speed work. I met my wife at a local park for this run and started out at the same time that she started a walk with a friend. I set off towards Valley Forge and found some of my favorite trails. I kicked off my shoes for a mile and a half of this run and that's when I focused on my speedwork. After returning to my shoes, I caught up with my wife and walked back to the car. Total time was about 45 minutes.

Friday. Sick.

Saturday. Sick.

Sunday. Sick.

I am just 2 1/2 weeks from my first race of the year, so I still have time to get some good training in before a taper. I want to make sure I do not build up too fast after being sick, too. My planned speed work for this week is going to be pushed to the weekend and I may adjust my schedule slightly to accommodate this. I never really write up a formal training plan anyway. I just set good intentions and make things happen with the time I have available any given day. This usually works out well for me. I have done formal training in the past and while I saw results from that, I still see good results this way, too.

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